Fully automated HR system for all employees

MyHR gives you a hand with every part of the HR process. Speed your work up with our SaaS-based solution.

Save your time & costs

Get your employees more time for valuable work.

Say goodbye to routines

No more repetitive & tedious tasks in the HR process.


Puzzle up your HR process from various modules.

What is My HR?

My HR can expand and enrich your HR process thanks to the possibility of full app customization.

Track and log employee hours in the automated payroll module to preclude human mistakes.

Our Plug & Play functionality can connect any Third-party integrations via API connectors.

We hold easy-to-use strategies throughout My HR solution.

Who is My HR for?


Share every step of the hiring process with your colleagues.

Track employee data in real-time statistics.

Onboard a newcomer or offboard the employee with fully automated processes.

Time to grow your business

I want to see more

Allow us to draw you into the world of automation and robotization with a click of the button.

We are here to make your work flexible and life easier

In terms of our benefits, we give our clients individualized focus on each aspect of their internal processes. 


Puzzle the application of your choice up. Individual modules can be combined in different ways. There are no limits.


Tailor the application from design to functionality itself. The layout of individual widgets, colors, icons, pictures, etc., depends only on your imagination.


You don’t have to stick to one hoof. MyHR can be created both on mobile devices and on desktops. You can also insert it as a bookmark in Microsoft Teams.

How does MyHR work?


My HR application offers various module combinations. There are no limits.


helps you to automate your vacation or sick leave


helps you to enter attendance for a particular period


helps you to a book car, a parking place, or an office desk


helps you to check info about your position


helps you to automate the hiring process


helps you to automate the onboarding process


helps you to check and approve employee's wages


helps you to automate the offboarding process

Doesn't match your process?

With the help of process audit, we peek into your wardrobe and identify processes suitable for automatization.

Process Visualisation

We investigate all internal processes and transform them into a more readable output.

Capacity Scanning

We organize necessary sessions with key employees to get a vision of their capacity views.

Eliminate Routines

We collect all repeated flows and create an idea board to eliminate duplicities.

Improvement Plan

We summarize actual processes into one document with all possible automation.

Streamline your business today!

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